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Kasumi C2 ver.: Refined Edition

Originally released in 2004, the Kasumi: C2 ver. figure played an integral role in starting the PVC figure boom. The figure is just as impressive and iconic today, and has now been completely refined to celebrate Max Factory’s 30th anniversary. Whether or not you knew the original, enjoy this refined version - a result of 15 years of progress.

Completely Refined

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15 Years of Progress

Kasumi: C2 ver. was originally released in 2004 and gave rise to the PVC figure boom. The figure has now been completely recreated using the latest techniques and technologies, allowing both old and new fans alike to enjoy her in their collection. Use the slider above to compare the 2004 and 2018 versions of the figure for yourself!

Refined Point 01

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Completely New Mold

The original version of the figure had certain details omitted in production, but with the advancement of molding technologies, the original prototype can now been captured in perfect detail. This completely new mold allows for all the finer details sculpted by Hiroki Katayama to the be included on the figure in eye-popping detail.

Refined Point 02

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The Latest Painting Innovations

The Latest Painting Innovations

Back in 2004, the cherry blossom pattern of Kasumi’s outfit was deemed impossible to capture effectively and abandoned during mass-production, but recent advances in painting technologies have made it possible to add this impressive cherry blossom pattern to the refined version.

Refined Point 03

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Pearl Coating on Arms and Legs

Pearl Coating on Arms and Legs

A glossy pearl paint coat has been applied to parts of her outfit around the arms and legs. This pearl coating provides a silky and somewhat translucent appearance that brings out the figure's charm more than ever before.

Refined Point 04

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Patterned Wrist and Shin Guards

Patterned Wrist and Shin Guards

One of the more intricate aspects of the design which was absent from the original figure has been carefully sculpted onto her wrist and shin guards. The elegant design is combined with a pearl coat that makes for a stunning arrangement full of detail.

Refined Point 05

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Beautifully Painted Silky Skin

Beautifully Painted Silky Skin

In recent years, figures often make use of paint that is smooth to the touch. This updated version of Kasumi utilizes this silky skin paint to give the figure an extraordinary level of smoothness and durability.

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1/6th Scale Figure
Kasumi: C2 ver. Refined Edition


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