1/7th Scale Figure

Sakura Kinomoto:
Always Together
~Pinky Promise~

This scale figure has been created as part of a collaboration project between CLAMP and Good Smile Company in celebration of CLAMP's 30th Anniversary and Good Smile Company's 20th Anniversary. The figure is based on an illustration specially drawn by CLAMP featuring Sakura Kinomoto from the manga series "Cardcaptor Sakura", which is celebrating its own 25th Anniversary.

Sakura's beautiful dress featuring plenty of frills and pearl decorations, her gorgeous flower bouquet and lovely smiling face have all been faithfully recreated, capturing the charm of the original illustration. Be sure to add this masterpiece commemorative figure to your collection.

Original Illustration

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About the
Production Process

When I had first heard that I was tasked with bringing a specially made illustration by CLAMP into figure form as a part of this project for CLAMP's 30th Anniversary and Good Smile Company 20th Anniversary, I was extremely nervous!
Throughout the process, I always kept in mind the importance of capturing and preserving the atmosphere of the original illustration when recreating it in 3D form. In particular, the illustration this time featured a detailed, multi-layered skirt. When creating this in figure form, I focused on maintaining a voluminous yet still lightweight appearance. Her bouquet is another important part of the figure where I aimed for a realistic bouquet look without making it appear too heavy. Finally, I went through fairly extensive trial and error in creating the base and support pieces for the figure when finishing the prototype.

Sculptor/Paintwork Artist: Takayuki Kawahara

About a year ago when I had just joined the company, Aki-san came to me in person and essentially told me "Kawahara-san is going to make something incredible, so help him out with the 3D data." As someone who has worked in the figure industry for most of my life, I had of course known the magnificent Sakura Kinomoto figure Good Smile Company had put out in the past, but I had never guessed that I would be working on the next Sakura Kinomoto figure project.
The goal when creating 3D data is to be able to create something that matches the handmade prototype, so I had thought that the production process would involve creating the data, printing the prototypes and then revising the data based on how it looked with the handmade prototype figure, but we quickly ran into a worrying issue of the 3D data on screen and the actual prototype parts we were printing out appearing quite different. For example, the illustration features a gate-like part in the background, but we couldn't seem to make it look good as a 3D object just by tracing it and following that outline when producing the 3D version. In the end, the actual parts used for the final prototype of the figure were quite different from the versions we traced from the illustration.
Looking back on the whole process, I realized that sculpting isn't just about simply putting 2D elements and concepts into 3D form. Instead, it's important to think about what impression pops up in a viewer's mind when seeing these elements, and then turning those concepts into reality.

Production Director: Keroriso

Creators' Personal Highlights

This figure, Sakura Kinomoto: Always Together ~Pinky Promise~, has a lot to offer in terms of visual highlights. With the use of translucent parts in sculpting her outfit, we've achieved a fluffy and lightweight look despite its impressive volume. Each flower in her bouquet has also been sculpted and painted to specifically match each type of flower, so it's worth taking a look at each flower and their stems slightly visible in the gaps of the bouquet.
The freesia flowers that connect the figure to the base are another point of interest. The flowers have been sculpted with a different texture to her flower bouquet to appear almost like glasswork. The gold frame of the figure was sculpted in a way that the shadows it casts on the figure itself enhance the appearance of the figure as a whole. It also features stunning gold metallic paintwork. There is plenty more details to be seen in her crown and the various decorations throughout her outfit, so please take a look when you get the opportunity!

Sculptor/Paintwork Artist: Takayuki Kawahara

It's difficult to think of a list of individual points, so I'd like to offer the overall balance of complex elements used throughout the figure as my personal highlight. At first glance, you immediately notice the beauty of the overall silhouette, and then as you get closer and closer, the figure still looks spectacular, no matter where you choose to look. The area around her face and the flowers features so much intricate detail, and Sakura herself is so adorable.
In addition to the sculpting of the figure itself, I think Kawahara's work in balancing and integrating all of the components of the figure created by many different people is one of the very appealing things about this figure.
Comparing the painted prototype to the gray prototype, they each have a completely different feel to them; the painted prototype is soft and light while the prototype's shadowing makes it appear more like a magnificent statue. While you can only see the prototype through pictures, I hope you enjoy comparing them to the final figure when you take her home!

Production Director: Keroriso

Sakura Kinomoto:
Always Together
~Pinky Promise~

Cardcaptor Sakura
Painted 1/7th scale
complete product
with stand included.
Approximately 530mm
in height (including stand).
Release Date:
August 2023

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