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1/7th Scale Sakura Kinomoto: Hello Brand New World

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From the anime series "Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card" comes a 1/7th scale figure of Sakura Kinomoto! Dressed in her outft from the "CLEAR" opening, Sakura has been recreated floating gently above a Clear Card in an original pose.
The layered frills of her skirt, soft appearance of the ribbon from Flight and the sharp-looking crystals surrounding the card have all been recreated in stunning detail. Translucent parts have been used in several places, making for a lightweight and bright appearance. Be sure to add this charming figure of Sakura-chan to your collection.



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    Sculptor: Kai Sasaki

    From the beginning when we started work on this figure, we knew what costume Sakura would be wearing and had a general idea of what we were going to do for her pose, but beyond that, the base and the finer details of her pose were all yet to be determined. For someone like me who is less experienced in figure planning, it was quite a challenging process working with the planning supervisor to develop a vision of how we wanted to make this figure.

    In "Clear Card", Sakura has just become a junior-high schooler. Properly representing that theme of a new beginning in the figure took multiple reworks. I would create an idea, redo it, get feedback from many different people and slowly build that vision. Ideas from not just other people at the company, but ideas from everyone who has helped me along the way are packed into every aspect of this figure.

    While producing the skirt of Sakura's costume, I received annotated concept art from CLAMP regarding the design of the costume. Thanks to this I was able to refine the sculpting of the skirt quite a lot.

    At the time of writing this, paintwork is still being done, bringing us closer to the realization of our vision. I'm sure this has been quite a challenging time for the paintwork supervisor, Kenji Sugi, as well.

    We've gone through countless cycles of trial and error ever since we began planning this figure and now we've finally completed our new Sakura-chan. Please enjoy the "Brand New World" that we've created.

    Paintwork: Kenji Sugi

    I used illustrations from the anime and from CLAMP while painting this figure in order to figure out how to make such an incredible sculpture shine even more. One of the challenges in painting this figure was working out how to incorporate the various translucent elements of this figure into the paintwork. Through working with the planning supervisor and sculptor, Kai Sasaki, I was able to steadily progress through a long process of trial and error.

    The ultimate goal was to recreate the pure and clear look of the anime's opening, "CLEAR". The costume is primarily white, though I worked to capture the gorgeous and lightweight appearance from the opening to prevent it from looking bland.

    The transparent look of the "Flight" card is very important in the series, so careful consideration went into maintaining that transparence while diffrentiating it from the clear elements of her costume.

    It is my hope that this figure of Sakura satisfies the vision of fans everywhere. Please enjoy.

    1/7th Scale Sakura Kinomoto: Hello Brand New World

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