MODEROID 1/150 Plastic Model Soyuz Rocket & Transport Train Special Page
MODEROID 1/150 Plastic Model Soyuz Rocket & Transport Train
Release Date: December 2021




The complete Soyuz rocket that has been sending people to space for over 50 years has been converted into a plastic model kit together with its transportation train!


The model allows you to recreate all of the processes from the rollout all the way to landing at the ISS: transportation to the launch site, lift-off preparations, the separation of the multistage boosters and the deployment of the Soyuz spacecraft. Recreate the drama of a lift-off right in your very own collection with this complete rocket kit!

*Please note that most images on this page are painted CG images created using the design data for the plastic model. The final product will differ.

From Base Station to Launch Site

The Soyuz Rocket is rolled out on a special transport train designed specifically for the rocket, carried horizontally to the launch site. The plastic model includes both the complete rocket together with the transport train all preserved in 1/150 scale, making the width of the wheels just 9mm in size. The model can not only be displayed as the complete rocket, but also laid horizontally on the train during transport (wheels do not move).

Plastic Model Soyuz Rocket & Transport Train NASA Photo: Soyuz Plastic Model Soyuz Rocket & Transport Train Plastic Model Soyuz Rocket & Transport Train

Launch Preperations

Once the rocket arrives on site, the rear lifts on the transport train set the rocket upright and into launch position. On the plastic model, this lift is articulated in the same manner as the real vehicle and comes with a special base that allows you to choose between displaying the rocket in horizontal transport mode or in the upright mode.

Multistage Booster Seperation

The back of the rocket looks like a bundle of rocket engines tied together. A total of 32 rocket nozzles including the Vernier thruster included for fine adjustments to the attitude or velocity of a spacecraft.

Perhaps the most iconic part of the Soyuz rocket's cluster launch design. The backshot of the multiple rocket engines on the back is one of the many highlights of the plastic model. The model faithfully captures the first, second and third stages of the cluster launch, with each of the separating parts carefully detailed. Enjoy each of the stages of the launch as the rocket takes off from Earth into the starry skies and beyond.

Soyuz Spacecraft Deployment

The Soyuz spacecraft is the final deployment stage of the rocket, where the astronauts ride inside to reach the International Space Station. The product includes the Soyuz spacecraft within the fairing parts of the rocket. In addition, solar panel parts and a special display stand are included to dispplay the spacecraft in its final deployed state as it heads to the ISS.

Plastic Model Details

The product is a 1/150 scale plastic model, with the built rocket approximately 32cm in length. The kit makes use of multiple different cast colors, allowing you to create a reliable replica that can capture all the processes of the launch simply by putting the parts together. The model is made from PS, allowing for easy customization and painting of the finished product.

The model makes use of a total of eight different cast colors, allowing for a faithful rendition of the rocket even without additional painting. All the parts are designed to connect together with ease, and decals and stickers are included. (Glue is recommended for some areas, not not required.)


Product Name: MODEROID 1/150 Plastic Model Soyuz Rocket & Transport Train
Price: ¥5,370 (Before Tax)
Release Date: December 2021
Specs: PS 1/150 Scale plastic model kit. Approximately 320mm in length.
3D Modeling/Design: T-REX
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Made at GSC's 'Lucky Factory' in Tottori, Japan.
This product will be made at Good Smile Company's 'Lucky Factory' in Tottori, Japan. The product will be proudly 'Made in Japan', and sent all over the world for fans to enjoy!

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