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Items and Shinobi Prosthetic Tools Items and Shinobi Prosthetic Tools

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Mortal Blade A katana given by Kuro, the Divine Heir.With the use of 3D modeling, the fine details of the hilt and scabbard have been captured in stunning detail, and the blade features two colors of metallic paint.
Mortal Blade An odachi capable of slaying the undying. Its crimson blade has been recreated with multiple layers of paintwork. Even fine details like the small amount of chips in the blade have been faithfully recreated. The blade is inscribed with its true name: 'Gracious Gift of Tears'.
Loaded Axe A Prosthetic Tool loaded with a heavy Shinobi Axe. Even at a mere 3cm in size, the steel, wood and iron textures have been captured and recreated.
Grapple Hook The Shinobi Prosthetic's Grappling Hook allows access to normally unreachable places. The Grappling Hook features a dynamic sculpt as though in motion, allowing you to easily recreate poses of Sekiro moving through the air.
Loaded Spear A Prosthetic Tool loaded with Gyoubu's Broken Horn. The intensity of Sekiro's spear-thrusting pose has been brought into figma form. You can use it to create all kinds of action-packed combat poses.
Loaded Umbrella A Prosthetic Tool created by fitting an indestructible Iron-ribbed Umbrella to the Arm. The peacock's extravagent feathers have been carefully painted on top of a shining silver base with the use of pad printing.
Sculptor's Idol Idols crafted by The Sculptor, found across the land. A translucent blue flame part can be attached to the Sculptor's Idol when it is discovered.
Death Effect Sheet An effect sheet recreating the death screen from the game. Dying is as simple as attaching the sheet to the included stand.
Sweet Rice Ball (GSC Online Bonus) A sweet, sticky rice ball made by Kuro. Acquired by purchasing figma Sekiro from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP or Good Smile US website. This one is sure to taste good as well.

Triple 3D Painting Technique Triple 3D Painting Technique

With the use of a special printer, Sekiro's elaborately sculpted face can be painted at three different angles.
With this, not only can his skin and wrinkles be recreated in immaculate detail, but also his scar and the mark of the Dragon's Heritage on the side of his face.

A single coat from the front.
If it is not enough, add a second coat from the sides.
For quality fit for figma Sekiro's 3D painting, add a third coat for perfection.

Textural Paintwork Techniques Textural Paintwork Techniques

Different from a standard figma, figma Sekiro is painted once, then painted again over the top of the base coat in order to recreate wood, iron, steel and cloth textures.





The Art of figma The Art of figma

Recreate unparalleled statue-like standing
poses as well as dynamic poses straight from the game.
That is the true nature of figma.

Memory: From Software Memory: From Software

Commune with a Sculptor's Idol and confront memories of the supervision by of From Software in order to find out more about how figma Sekiro came to life.


Figure Textures