Fate/Grand Order

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Available for preorder from the 19th November, 2021
at 12:00 JST
to the 13th of January, 2022
at 12:00 JST.

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With figure original features! All weapons hot.

With the use of interchangeable weapon and effect parts,
you can recreate all kinds of combat sequences from the game!

Mecha-Eli Punch!

Wrist parts are detachable from the sleeves, and can be combined with effect parts to create the Mecha-Eli Punch!

Skirt Flare

The missile hatches on her skirt can be displayed opened or closed, and her missiles can be displayed in loaded or fired states!

Sonic Shower &
Finger Missile

Her tail features a wide range of articulation, and can be displayed with various effect parts for creating all kinds of attack motions!

Charm Sight

Special display arms are included with the effect parts, allowing you to display them in the perfect position without having to attach them to Mecha Eli-chan herself!


With the help of product designer Kyoru Kuramochi,
a special new feature based on Alter Ego/Mecha Eli-chan's design
has been included in the HAGANE WORKS action figure version!
By combining Mecha Eli-chan's body and weapon parts,
you can create the Steel Demon Dragon Wyvern!

Product Designer/Planning Staff Comments

  • Product Design: Kyoryu Kuramochi

    Hello, my name is Kyoryu Kuramochi and I am a toy designer.

    I was asked to handle the product design for this alloy action figure version of Mecha Eli-chan, and since I play FGO and love robot girls, I was excited and eager to take on the job.

    The character has a lot of characteristic moves and unique mecha features, so I wanted to create a design that included as many of those as possible in order to make sure that players of the game would love the design.

    I was really nervous when originally proposing the Wyvern form (light armored mode), and I really can't believe that idea was included in the final product! I'm absolutely thrilled! Please enjoy playing with this special alloy Mecha Eli-chan!

    I hope I'll have the chance to work on more FGO robot girls in the future! Thank you so much for this opportunity! Most of all, as just one FGO fan in the world, I hope I was able to contribute to the fun hobby life of the customers and fans.

  • Planning Cooperation: Kai Sasaki (Good Smile Company)

    At first, we got together a bunch of staff who really loved toys and action figures and we brainstormed all kinds of ideas, and now finally those ideas have all come together into this final product!

    The special centerpiece of this project, the Steel Demon Dragon Wyvern, doesn't yet have a real character background, but we hope you enjoy your own personal Wyvern and Mecha Eli-chan!

    Of course, we at the Good Smile Company production team have given our all at creating the most awesome Mecha Eli-chan possible too, so please enjoy!

    Mecha-Eli Punch!!

Product Name
HAGANE WORKS Alloy Alter Ego/Mecha Eli-chan
Fate/Grand Order
Painted zinc alloy & plastic complete product with stand included.
Approx. 180mm in height (figure only).
Release Date
Product Design
Kyoryu Kuramochi
Planning Cooperation
Kai Sasaki
(Good Smile Company)

Preorder Period

Available for preorder from the 19th November, 2021
at 12:00 JST
to the 13th of January, 2022
at 12:00 JST.

Preorder Now: