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My First Nendoroid Campaign


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I’ve wanted to collect Nendoroids for years, but I only just recently bought my very first one, Hanzo Shimada. I’m so happy to finally be starting my collection because these cuties are definitely worth it! 💕 #Nendoroid #GoodSmileCompany #Hanzo #Overwatch #MyFirstNendoroid

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Birthday escape! ⛱ . #MyFirstNendoroid I brought to the beach. . #goodsmilecompany #nendoroid #lovelive #honokakosaka #kosakahonoka #honoka #nendoroidphotography #toyphotography #kawaii #boracay #philippines #beach

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Isabelle was #myfirstnendoroid She really was one of my first collectibles, my only nendoroid for years, before I properly began collecting them. I made this house and set for her, so I could create the scenes that have been in my head for a while now. It’s not perfect and I have a lot to learn but I will get a little better every scene I make. I can’t believe I have over 200 followers now. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome in the toy community. I was in a sad dark place before I started this account and I feel like I am able to motivate myself again. Small steps. There so many people who inspire me and I will try and tag a few in this post, but please know that ALL of you keep me creative and I feel like I am achieving something, even if it’s just taking a few photos. I hope that I can keep creating and making people happy for a long time yet 😀 Thank you for supporting me on this little journey ❤️ #amiibo #nintendo #nintendoswitch #gaming #gamer #animalcrossing #3ds #videogames #switch #newleaf #animalcrossingnewleaf #toyphotography #toystagram #toy #toyartistry #toycollector #toycommunity #photography #toyphoto #toyslagram #toyart #goodsmilecompany #Nendoroid #nendoroidphotography #nendoroidphoto #animalcrossingnewhorizons #welcometoanimalcrossing

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Welcome, Alice-chan!!💖 . She is #MyFirstNendoroid Doll . Finally after lots of research and watching reviews I decided to take her as my first Nendo Doll! Nendoroid Doll is another level of Nendoroid with more articulation. I can explore many pose and create more photo with her! I can't wait to explore new adventures with Alice-chan💖 Alice-chan's adventure begins with this special introduction post (like Noya and Ai-chan). Yoroshiku onegaisimasu!~ 💙 . . . #toygraphy_id#toyphotography#Toys#toyslagram#total_toyspics#epictoyart#toysnapshot#toycrewbuddies#toygroup_alliance#wheretoysdwell#toptoyphotos#toyartistry#toypops3#toygraphyid#toysaremydrug#toydiscovery#toyartistry_and_beyond#actionfigurephotography#toycommunity#toyunion#toysyn#toyboners#racunmainan#jakartalittlehobby#toy_picasso#ToysPoison_DrunkMonster#TOPIC_VORMIR#tcb_thefinalmove

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I bought Kotona Elegance nearly 3 years ago for my birthday, she was the first Nendoroid I ever got! I had always wanted her and Rei Mii to go alongside my Zoids collection. They are so cute and fun to play with, I'm really glad to have them! Kotona was also what finally got me into nendoroid collecting. I've now got a small collection of 13 with a few preorders I'm eagerly awaiting! I'd also like to start doing more nendoroid photography, I love seeing all the wonderful photos people take with them! #MyFirstNendoroid #Nendoroid #Zoids #KotonaElegance #ZoidsGenesis #GilDragon #NendoroidPhotography #NendoroidsofInstagram #ZoidsModels #ZoidsPhotos #ZoidsofInstagram #Zoidstagram

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The Nendoroid series has reached over #1000 figures thanks to you, our dedicated fans.
Take a moment to remember your very first Nendoroid and how it was a special moment in your life!
Using “First” as a theme, we present the "My First Nendoroid" photo campaign!
Every month you have the chance to receive the latest Nendoroids as prizes for your photo.
Starting this month you’ll have the chance to win the latest Nendoroids as prizes for your
photos from your collection! Whether you only just got your first Nendoroid or have a huge collection,
don't hesitate to show off your Nendoroid photos for a chance to win prizes!


Example: The first Nendoroid I ever bought was Nendoroid XXX!
Example: The first Nendoroid I took with me to the ocean was Nendoroid YYY!

How to Enter

  • 1Take a photo with the theme "My First Nendoroid".

    Photos can be taken with a camera, smartphone or anything else - it's the content that counts!

    *Please note that when posint multiple photos to Twitter, only the first photo will be counted for the campaign.

  • 2Tag your photo and upload to Twitter or Instagram

    Hashtag: #MyFirstNendoroid
    Applicable Platforms: Twitter or Instagram

    *Make sure to correctly enter the hashtag.
    *Posts outside of this hashtag will not be entered into the contest.

  • 3Every month, 5 winners will receive Nendoroid prizes!

    Out of the month's photos, 5 winners will be chosen to receive 2 Nendoroids as prizes!

    *When uploading to Twitter, be sure to follow our official Twitter account (@Goodsmile_US) and make sure you are able to receive DMs in your settings. In the event your photo wins, you will be contacted by our official account.

Application Guidelines

Entry Period

Entry Period:19th April 2019 ~ April 2020

*Prizes starting from the end of May


The contest is open to all users able to use Twitter and Instagram in their region.

Contest Rules

Contest Rules

Regarding the Usage and Copyright of Entries

The copyright of photos entered into this contest is not passed over to Good Smile Company.
All photos entered into the contest are assumed to be given permission to be used by Good Smile Company.
Any copyright issues that arise from these photos being used will be the responsibility of the entrant.
All photos entered into this contest that contain potentially copyrighted items (other than Good Smile Company figures) will be assumed to have permission to be used for all the purposes listed below.
All photos entered into this contest will be assumed to have permission from the owners to be used for all the purposes listed below.

Usage Purposes:

  1. Photos may be used on Good Smile Company advertising campaigns (television commercials, event materials, printed material such as newspapers, magazines, posters as well as online content such as our website, blog, etc.)
  2. Photos may be used on contest announcement posters and related printed matter.

Other Rules

If entries have previously been publicly uploaded online and judges determine it is difficult to verify that the entrant is the original author, your entry may be withdrawn from the contest.
If you believe one of the entries on our site violates the photo contest rules, please let us know at the following address:
Entries previously entered under a different name will be disqualified from the contest.
Please be mindful of others when taking photos outdoors or in public areas.

The photo must not currently be a part of any other photo contests, and may not be a photo that has won a prize in the past. You must obtain the permission of all person(s) that is/are in the photo prior to entry.
If minor(s) is/are in the photo, you must obtain the permission from her/his/their guardian(s).
You must not violate any copyright or invade the privacy of other individuals. We will not be responsible for any trouble that occurs taking photos for this contest.
If you violate any of these rules, we reserve the right to withdraw your entry at any time.
Collage photos that make use of multiple photos as a single entry will not be accepted. Please only enter the contest with single photos.
In the event of any of the following, entry data will be edited or removed from the campaign without notice of the contest admins:

  1. Entries that break the rules of the contest.
  2. Entries that potentially depict offences to public order and/or morals.
  3. Entry data that cannot be read/opened by standard methods.
  4. Entry data that contains personal information.
  5. Entries that could potentially infringe the rights of a third party in any way.
  6. Entries that could potentially slander, or harm the image or privacy of a third party in any way.
  7. Entries that are reported by a third party for infringement.
  8. Any other infringement that the contest admins deem inappropriate for an entry.

Online Campaign Information

This photo contest is based in Japan, and it follows Japanese laws. Please note that in the event of misunderstanding, the original Japanese rules are final.

By entering this contest, you agree that you have read and understood all of the above information.



Each month 5 winners will be chosen to win 2 Nendoroids each. Winners will be contacted via Good Smile Company official social media accounts.

  • Prizes will be chosen from released Nendoroids at the time of winning. Entrants cannot choose their prize.
  • Winners will be contacted via direct message, so be sure to follow our official Twitter account (@Goodsmile_US) and make sure you are able to receive DMs in your settings.
  • Unfollowing the Good Smile Company official account before results are announced will result in disqualification.