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Nendoroid Amaterasu DX Ver.

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Issun and Amaterasu

The approximately 100mm long Nendoroid Amaterasu features robust articulation and various interchangeable head and limb parts, allowing you to recreate your favorite scenes from the game exactly as you remember them. Amaterasu's Reflector on her back is fitted with a Nendoroid joint for easy posing, and Issun has been recreated with the use of a clear orb in order to preserve his appearance from the game. The GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP/GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP US preorder bonus Praise Orb has been recreated in the same fashion as Issun.

GSC Online Bonus: Praise Orb

As Amaterasu's designer, I'm always happy to see figures made of her. There have been many plushies and figures of Amaterasu made over the years, but personally I've always wanted Amaterasu to be made as an action figure style of figure. So when I heard that Max Factory was planning to make a Nendoroid that I would be supervising the creation of, I was absolutely thrilled!

The Nendoroid's various features, from the articulation to the interchangeable head and legs and all of the different parts, were designed for you to enjoy recreating Amaterasu with all kinds of poses and expressions.

I'd imagine Issun is quite happy himself that he could be included with the Nendoroid in his own little orb with his own support arm!

Kenichiro Yoshimura


In order to restore light to the world, Amaterasu must clash with all kinds of demons. The three classes of Divine Instruments—Reflectors, Roasries and Glaives—aid her on her journey. The Reflector Divine Retribution is included, while the DX Edition also comes with Tsumugari and the Devout Beads. The Divine Instruments have been recreated based on Kenichiro Yoshimura's illustrations drawn to match the Nendoroid style for the purpose of making this figure.

Glaive Reflector Rosary

The DX version includes one of each of the first Reflector, Glaive and Rosary Divine Instruments that you receive in the game. When we designed the first-level Divine Instruments, we had each Divine Instrument's basic shapes and the primary colors, blue, yellow and red, in mind, so I think choosing to include them brings a nice sense of balance to the figure.

In order to create them for the figure, I had to redraw them all in a more chibi style to fit the look of the Nendoroid.

The reflector features translucent parts and gradated paintwork, and the rosary features detailed gradated paintwork as well. I think the Divine Instruments all look incredible in Nendoroid form!

Since they attach to Amaterasu with a Nendoroid joint, it makes it easy to move and rotate them to all kinds of different angles.

Personally I love the shape of the beads of the Rosary. They're so cute!

Kenichiro Yoshimura

From Game to Nendoroid

Max Factory teamed up with the character designer of Amaterasu, Kenichiro Yoshimura, and got to work
on creating the Nendoroid.
Using the notes and documents from Yoshimura as a base, features were continuously added and
improved to make Amaterasu both pleasing to the eye and fun to play with in figure form.
The final result of this work is Nendoroid Amaterasu.
The Nendoroid version of Amaterasu features a charming balance between her noble and gallant
in-game appearance and the cute Nendoroid style.
Take a look at a few of the notes and documents provided by Kenichiro Yoshimura during the making of the figure below.

I was involved in making this figure all the way from the initial concept illustration. Most of all, I wanted to maintain that cute Nendoroid style, and then add a bit of Amaterasu's typical dignified look to it.

Since there hasn't been a dog-like Nendoroid in the past, I first had to figure out just how to balance all of the features correctly to get that cute Nendoroid look. I think two of the most important parts were adjusting the size of the head and giving the feet a small, somewhat snug appearance.

I think by really working to adjust and balance the size of the eyes and mouth, Amaterasu looks cute but still dignified. The open mouth face plate also gives her somewhat of a sillier, cute look! You can use it to display her holding the Oddly Shaped Turnip included with the DX version too, which is really cute!

Even things like the sprials on her shoulders and her tail have all been carefully thought out to look more Nendoroid-like. It's a little thing, but I personally love that we were able to recreate her paw pads and a certain spot under her tail as well!

I had all kinds of ideas about articulation and how to connect the Divine Instrument parts, but Max Factory really did an incredible job with designing and implementing all of those features. Just goes to show that some things should be left to the specialists!

Issun's silhouette within his orb also matches perfectly with the Nendoroid style. I hope some day we can scale him up 1000 times or so and make a Nendoroid of him too!

I had the pleasure of supervising the production of this Nendoroid at all points in the process, even after the prototype was completed. Thank you to everyone at Max Factory for listening to all of my ideas and proposals! I think this Nendoroid can truly meet the expectations of all the fans, so please enjoy!

Kenichiro Yoshimura

Special Illustration

Kenichiro Yoshimura

Celebrating the creation of Nendoroid Amaterasu!
The Nendoroid turned out incredibly cute, so please enjoy!

Kenichiro Yoshimura

Nendoroid Amaterasu DX Ver.

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