figma Link: Tears of the Kingdom Ver. DX Edition

A new adventure, with a variety of tools in hand.

In "The Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom", Link makes his way through the lands of Hyrule using a multitude of items and skills.
In order to faithfully capture the resourceful Link in figure form, a variety of weapon, armor, Zonai device and effect parts are included in the DX edition.
Let us introduce you to these charming and diverse items.

Master Sword and Hylian Shield

Link's trademark equipment are included with the figma
for a reassuring start to your adventure.
Parts for attaching the shield to Link's back are also included.

Hylian Hood and King Rauru's Right Arm

The key items of this installment of the game, also featured on the main visual.
The cape portion is made of cloth and allows for a variety of display options.
Be sure to check out the details on Rauru's arm as well as Link's torn sleeve!

Rock Hammer

A weapon that can be created using one of Link's new abilities, Fuse.
The paintwork has been carefully applied to highlight the texture of the rock.
Its larger size compared to the Master Sword allows for even more dynamic poses.

Ascend Effect

By using the Ascend effect part, Link can be displayed using his new ability that is essential to exploring Hyrule in this installment of the game.

Rocket, Rocket Effect and Traveler's Shield

A fused equipment consisting of a Zonai rocket and traveler's shield,
well-loved by many players all over the world, can also be created using these parts.

Construct Bow and Arrows

An indispensable weapon for attacking enemies from a distance.
Interchangeable hand parts for posing Link with the bow are also included.


The characteristic pattern on the cloth and grain on the wood have been carefully recreated.
The total length is approximately 230mm, indicative of the large size of the paraglider within the game.

figma Link: Tears of the Kingdom Ver. DX Edition

Preorders available on the Good Smile Online Store

2024.3.19(TUE)  - 5.29(WED)

figma Link: Tears of the Kingdom Ver.

Preorders available on the Good Smile Online Store

2024.3.19 (TUE) - 5.29 (WED)

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